E-NEWSLETTER on Corporate Governance                                                                         Issue –VI (July –September 2009)

Corporate governance is essentially about leadership:

  • leadership for efficiency;
  • leadership for probity;
  • leadership with responsibility; and
  • leadership which is transparent and which is accountable.
    - Principles for Corporate Governance in the Commonwealth

Editorial Board

  • Mr Vijay Kapur, Director, ICAI;
  • Mr Sutanu Sinha, Director, ICSI;
  • Prof Sanjay Sehgal, Head, Dept. of Financial Studies, University of Delhi South Campus.

Corporate Governance Updates

Corporate Laws Updates

First Person

Address by Mr. Naresh Chandra, Former Indian Ambassador to USA & Chairman, Special Task Force on Corporate Governance, CII at the "4th Corporate Governance Summit” organized by CII in partnership with NFCG on February 5, 2009 in Mumbai.

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