E-NEWSLETTER on Corporate Governance                                                                         Issue-III (October – December 2008)

"…….…Corporate Governance deals with laws, procedures, practices and implicit rules that determine a company's ability to take informed managerial decisions vis-avias its claimants – in particular, its shareholders, creditors, customers, the State and employees"

-CII Desirable Corporate Governance Code., April 1998

Editorial Board

  • Mr Vijay Kapur, Director, ICAI;
  • Mr Balwant Kulkarni, Director, ICSI;
  • Prof Sanjay Sehgal, Head, Dept. of Financial Studies, University of Delhi South Campus.

Corporate Governance Updates
  • Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2008
  • Sovereign wealth funds: Generally accepted principles and practices (GAPP) – Santiago Principles
  • Key agreed principles to strengthen corporate governance for U.S publicly traded Companies.
  • Aberdeen Corporate Governance principles.
  • Revised Dutch Corporate Governance Code
  • Third HSCI Corporate Governance Review 2008
  • IFC Family Business Corporate Handbook
  • An Update for Directors of Listed Companies: Going Concern and Liquidity Risk
  • Challenges for Audit Committees arising from current economic conditions
  • FRC Guidance on Audit Committee
Corporate Laws Updates
  • Updates on Corporate law from Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India
First Person
  • Address by. Mr. Somnath Chatterjee, Hon'ble Speaker, Lok Sabha at the "3rd Sustainability Summit - Asia 2008" Competitive Redefined" organized by CII in partnership with NFCG.
NFCG Initiatives
  • Events organized by / under the aegis of NFCG (October - December 2008)
  • Research Projects under the aegis of NFCG (October - December 2008)
    1. Completed Research projects
    2. Ongoing Research projects
Forthcoming NFCG Events

Events being organized by / under the aegis of NFCG (January - March 2009)
  • Director's Orientation Programmes
  • Faculty Orientation Programme
  • Seminars / Conferences / Workshops
Forthcoming International Events
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