Research work under the aegis of NFCG

•  Role of Independent Directors - Enhancing or Otherwise of the Shareholders Wealth- An    Empirical Investigation - by Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management,
   Shillong - 2014

•  CSR in Practise : 2013 Edition (A Research Work – Compendium of Successful
     Partnerships) - by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) - New Delhi- 2013

•  Developing Ethical Practices and Promoting Sustainability Reporting in Corporate India -     by The Energy Resources Institute - New Delhi - 2013

•  Investigating Corporate Governance Practices in to-be-listed Small and Medium
     Enterprises in Pune Region - by Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS) -
     Pune - 2013

•  Report on Priority areas for Reforms of Corporate Governance in Indian Banking Sector     - by Institute of Public Enterprise - Hyderabad - 2013

•  Institutional Investors - Driving Force for Good Governance : A Survey - By     Confederation of Indian Industry, Delhi - 2012

•  Corporate Governance Practices and Financial Performance of Selected Family Managed     Medium Sized Listed Companies in India - By SPJIMR, 2012

•  Research On Teaching & Training On Corporate Governance In India– By IIMB, 2012

•  Research Study On Audit Committee & Board Committee in PEs– By IPE, 2012

•  Corporate Governance and Company Performance- A Study With Reference To     Manufacturing Firms In India – By IIM, Shillong 2012

•  Triple Bottom Line and Corporate Governance – By Confederation of Indian Industry,     Delhi 2011

•  Board Interlocks and Their Impact on Corporate Governance: The Indian Experience -     By Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore- 2011

•  Corporate Governance Norms For SME- IIT, Kharagpur- 2010

•  Best Practices in Corporate Governance by Medium Sized Family Managed Public Limited      Companies- SPJIMR- 2008

•  The Effects of Ownership Structure on Corporate Governance and Performance: An      Empirical Assessment in India- UBS- 2008

•  Corporate Governance Review Practice - ASCI – 2007

Paper Work

•  Draft - Corporate Governance norms for Independent Directors

•  Draft - Corporate Governance norms for Institutional Investors


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